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Cable Tray Management
Cabel Trays - Ducts - ladders
Novo cable trays, ladders and ducts products are extensively high quality ,affordable priced and ease of installation, so we have heavy, medium and standard duty cable ladder...
About NOVO
Egyptian company in Egypt since 1970
Novo company is one of the leader ,Egyptian companies in, Egypt since 1970in the fie ld of electrical utilities supply such as cable trays, ladder system, steel grating , electric panels
Steel Grating
NOVO gratings are electro fused welded
Novo grating has a long-standing tradition as a grating manufacturer. The company is renowned for its flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness...
Our Presentation
NOVO GROUPS Presentation download our presentation to know about our company & the service which we offer to our customers also our client ...
Novo company seek to offer many services for our client ...
  • Necessary advices to the customer for more suitable product.
  • introduce the transportation means to
    the customer if needed.
  • Well trained technical crew to solve any
    problems on site.
  • Electrostatic painting is available as
    customer needs
  • introduce the transportation means to
    the customer if needed.
News & Events
Cairo conference center.
NOVO GROUP invite you to attend our event at Cairo conference center ..